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Thu, 03 Sep 2020

Fool me twice...


States this week have been notified by federal authorities to prepare distribution centers for Covid-19 vaccine, set up and ready by November 1. This year.

Scientists and health officials have previously been unanimous in warning us that vaccines must undergo a rigid, time-consuming process to be tested; to be proven effective and safe. The most optimistic estimates put such a timeline as mid-2021. Next year.

The timing raises eyebrows. All states be ready just before election day?

So if Spouse & I are notified to appear at the local vaccination center for our shots, is that a good thing or... not so good?

Was it rushed? Sufficiently tested? Is it safe? Is it so effective as to justify the risk?

Would you hesitate? For yourself? Your wife? Your children? Your grandchildren?

Fool me once, bigger fool you. Fool me twice...? No. I think I'll pass.

Trust. Without trust nothing is possible.

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