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Mon, 10 Aug 2020

The Day It All Goes Away!

Reports from confidential White House sources confirm that a seance conducted in the Lincoln Bedroom contacted the spirit of Nancy Reagan's spiritualist, Joan Quigley, who served as White House Astrologer and Psychic Advisor from 1981 to 1989, the entirety of both Presidential terms. She has confirmed that it will "go away forever" on September 23, 2020, a "most auspicious date," for on that date as the Solar Furnace rises above the Continental Ley Line, the exact Annual 12-12 Balance between day and night will be realized and Flux Line Emissions will be released, eradicating the virus from ocean to ocean.

She confirmed that spiritual vibrations had been focused on the White House for a number of months since the viral pandemic had started but it proved extraordinarily difficult to penetrate the Presidential Consciousness. A frantically-enlisted Great League of Spirits was called to reinforce the effort and they eventually prevailed.

"It was this energy from the Otherworld, focused by Etheric Mind Shaping upon the nation's leader, which caused him finally to get the message that the great American nation need worry no longer.

The wrongly-named Covid19 virus--it is actually the Luciferous Infectuous Janus 2020 Affliction--will completely and totally vanish. Infected persons are advised to rise from their beds, go outdoors, disrobe, and expose themselves to the healing atmosphere.

Reporters tipped to the news inquired if the President intended to follow her "healing emissions" advice. She refused to divulge any details other than to hint that the White House rose garden is scheduled for a "Presidential Ceremony" at sunrise of September 23rd.

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