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Thu, 06 Aug 2020

Senseless Ravings?

Trump on the stump today shouts that Joe Biden is against God, against the Bible, against all that is good in America.

Is he serious? Or is he cunning, like a cornered ... candidate? (I bet you thought I was gonna say "rat!" Sorry. Too easy. Too pointless. Too true.)

But to the point: Trump is cunning, and I've long suspected as have a few TV pundits that Trump does two things with outrageous, un-Presidential, uncivil rants:

First, he stirs and inflames his base. Not that they need more stirring, but he needs to keep the fires of hatred and resentment alive.

Second, he is distracting and deflecting attention from the real issues. Every minute of air time spent hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing over his latest effrontery, is a minute of air time NOT spent focused on his failure to take decisive leadership to guide the ship of state around the shoals of the pandemic. Not only are Americans dying, but the ship seems holed on the reef and taking on water. Our economy, businesses damaged or permanently closed; unemployed millions now facing eviction, foreclosure, and Depression-era hardship, is sinking and it was the vessel Trump needed for reelection. It and his campaign lay foundered on that reef.

So he distracts with outrageous bluster in public.

I wonder what he says in private to his White House hair dresser?

Worried much?

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