Cats Paws

Cats paws tease the sparkling waters, playful kitten-tongues of wind whirl around in playful gusts to lick against her sails.

Crested whitecaps rise around her, sending spray in wind-flung trails, scattered across her deck like diamonds. Crystal sunlight adorns her rails.

Her rolling, racing, rising bow surges through the endless swells. I, her skipper, study the pattern, subtle clues of storms to tell.

Footnote bits of flotsam faintly hint of paradise.

Cats paws sometimes foretell storming. Snarling seascape cats come raging, lashing out with spindrift tails, clawing at my reefed-down vessel, tearing at her sails.

Shelter me, my faithful vessel. Accompany me, ancestral spirits. Guide my tiller, Great God of all, Suffer my soul to follow Your Call.

Graybyrd © 1999, 2008

Cats Paws © Graybyrd 2015