Hail Free Trade

Childhood smiles of joy effaced,
Drum-taut skin, despair encased,
Youthful spark of life erased,
Eyes beyond imploring.

TV commentator cries:
“Third-world excess millions die,
Military regimes deny.”

Camera-frozen orphans stare.

Shop the shrink-wrapped bargain sale,
“Made in China” consumers hail
Economies of global scale;
Children pay the price.

TV pundits analyze
the shift of global enterprise;
Surplus workers cast aside.
“Made in China.”

Cocaine mother’s withered breast
suckles her infant, a hideous bequest,
innocents bartered in a material quest,
Our children desecrated.

Fear free trade where greed succeeded,
Where hungry children go unheeded.
Human values fade, defeated.
Mourn the prey of trade.

Graybyrd © 1997, 2008

Hail Free Trade © Graybyrd 2015